Nordic Walking : Warm-Up and Streching Techniques

Video 1: Nordic Pole Walking Technique

Understanding Nordic Walking Technique : Involves more muscles than running or biking

Nordic Walking Muscles

Those of you who do Nordic Walk regularly know that your instructors make sure that you are fully prepared before your session and enjoy a lovely cool down afterwards with plenty of stretches.

BEFORE THE WALK : 10-15 minutes Warming Up Exercises

Nordic Walking warm up

Each session starts with a Warm Up designed to:

  1. To prepare your body for a Nordic Walking workout;
  2. To increase your muscle temperature;
  3. To decrease the risk of injuries;
  4. To improve the range of your joint muscle.

Video 2: Nordic Walking  Total Body Warm Up (English)

Video 3:  échauffer le bas du corps/Lower body warm up/  (French /English Subtiles)

Video 4 : échauffer le haut du corps/Upper body Warm-up (French /English Subtiles)

AFTER THE WALK : 15-20 minutes minutes Stretching  Exercises


Whilst stretching will benefit those who do no exercise at all it becomes vital for those who are active or embarking on new exercise regimes because muscles do tend to shorten if they are worked fairly hard and not allowed to cool down properly with a nice conditioning stretch.

Contact our certified instructors in Tokyo:Link in Japanese only


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