Next Event: Nordic Walking 09/28/2016 Tamagawa River Walk

This event is co-organized with 東京NW ( with two Japanese certified Nordic Walking instructors who will explain how to use Nordic Walking poles and body movements.


We will start meeting at the Tamagawa Station at 10 am (Tokyu Toyoko Line, Tokyu Meguro Line, Tokyu Tamagawa Line). Then we will do some warming -up exercises for about 15 minutes and for 15 minutes Nordic Walking technique will be explained by 2 Certified Instructcors. We will start the walk by visiting Tamagawasengen shinto shrine then finish by 15 minutes streching exercises near Shimomaruko Station on Tokyu Tamaga line.

Fees for the instructors are 500 Yens per person.

If you don’t have the specific Nordic Walking poles , the instructors can rent them for additional 500 Yens.


Click here for details


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